Key Windows 11 Information

Microsoft announced the release of its new OS, Windows 11, towards the end of 2021. This comes as good news to many users, but for others, it raises several questions for which they seek answers from experts. The swarm of questions concerning the release of this new operating system is creating a buzz.

At Essential Solutions, we understand the uncertainty that most users have, and while you have questions, we have the answers you seek. What do we know about Windows 11, and what might we soon find out? More importantly, what should your business be doing about this new release?

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What Essential Solutions Experts Know About Windows 11

The undeniable thing about Microsoft Windows 11 is that its release is set for later in the year. The company announced that this would happen “by the holidays,” leaving many people speculating about the actual month and date. Some schools of thought have it that the specific date of release is October 20.

This speculation comes from some users who noticed a clock on the snapshots featured on Microsoft’s announcement blog post for the operating system. They show various aspects of Microsoft’s new User Interface. Coincidentally, the time that shows on all the snapshots is 11.11 a.m., and the date is October 20, 2021. That could be a subtle way of telling us when the release will happen.

However, nobody knows for sure if this will be the actual release date, and we can only wait and see what happens. Everyone is also waiting to know precisely when the free upgrade will be available, which Microsoft says will be available by early 2022.

System Requirements

Unfortunately, Microsoft did not entirely use a reassuring tone at the outset concerning the systems requirements for the new OS. The documentation was unclear, the public statement elusive, and the PC Health Checker unreliable at its best. However, Microsoft later clarified these concerns and altered the documentation. Here is what we currently know about the systems requirements for Windows 11, although they may not be set in stone:

  • Storage size of 64 GB or more
  • 2 core or more processor at 1+ GHz
  • 4 GB RAM or more
  • TPM 2.0 security module
  • Screen size of at least 9 inches with a resolution of 720p or higher
  • The graphics card must be compatible with either WDDM 2.x. or DirectX 12 or later
  • Microsoft account and stable internet connectivity

While these requirements are not difficult to fulfill, some may pose a challenge, like the TPM 2.0 security feature. They may be more stringent than many users expected, but Essentials Solutions is here to help you with the technical aspects to make the transition easier for your business. We will also be on the lookout for any developments or changes. Keep in touch with us to learn more and get support in transitioning to Windows 11.

Why We Recommend Windows 11 For Your Business in Baton Rouge

While you may have many questions about Windows 11, at Essential Solutions, we recommend that you embrace the transition. Our recommendation is based on the following factors:

Cost of Upgrade

One of the questions we regularly receive from our clients is how much it will cost to upgrade to Windows 11. We are happy to let you know that the upgrade will be free for all eligible PCs. Once it launches, new PCs and laptops will be running the operating system out of the box, negating the need to buy a separate license.

Grace Period

You might be asking yourself what will happen if you upgrade to Windows 11 but, for some reason, find that you don’t like it. Microsoft has taken this into account by incorporating a 10-day grace period for users. During this time, you can test the features, and if they don’t appeal to you, Microsoft allows you to revert to Windows 10.

A Myriad of Benefits 

Windows 11 comes with several appealing features that make your work easier and more effective in a business setting:

  • Ongoing support: unlike the previous versions of Windows, the new operating system will have extended support. This will run for 24 months, as opposed to the 18 months for Windows 10. The support will be for both Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro. In the same breath, Windows 11 Education and Windows 11 Enterprise will receive support for 36 months. This is an upgrade from the previous 30 months of support.

This added support should make running a given upgrade easier, which translates to fewer disruptive episodes overall. Besides, Essential Solutions closely works with you to provide support at all times.

  • Windows 11 is annual: Microsoft will drop the Windows 10 bi-annual upgrade requirement for a yearly upgrade for Windows 11. For most users, annual upgrades work best, and the simplified servicing plan is also easier to deploy.
  • Windows 11 is ideal for hybrid work: Windows 11 has been branded the operating system for hybrid work and learning. It is the window that connects you to the world, with tools and knowledge to help you create in new ways and solve problems efficiently. The design and user interface have been simplified to empower your productivity and creativity.
  • Increased collaboration: The Microsoft Teams feature is appealing for the business setting as it enhances real-time collaboration. A single click on the taskbar is all it takes to text, chat, or video call your team members as you work on joint projects.
  • Improved security: The TPM 2.0 module is based on a zero security principle which means that all endpoints on your systems are vulnerable to attack. As such, it secures them all by maintaining strict access controls and trusting nothing and no one by default.

Windows 11 Support for Baton Rouge Companies

We understand that there exist mixed feelings about Windows 11, and many businesses are yet to decide if they will make a move. The good thing is that you don’t have to decide alone, influenced by fear and uncertainty.

Essentials Solutions is closely monitoring the trends and is armed with the knowledge and expertise to help you in this transition. Don’t suffer alone in silence. Reach out to our experts today with your questions and concerns, and we will offer you the Microsoft support you need for your business in Baton Rouge.

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