Outsourced Network Engineering Services In Baton Rouge

In the current tech-driven era, companies need to continuously update and maintain their IT infrastructure to increase operational efficiency. Having a network of dedicated professional engineers responsible for setting up, developing, and maintaining your IT infrastructure can help ease the burden of network problems off your shoulders, so you focus on running the core aspects of your business.

Essential Solutions provides Baton Rouge businesses and organizations skilled and certified engineering services customized to suit your specific needs. At Essential Solutions, we don’t only offer support when you need it. We strive to make our IT support help services feel like an extension of your business. We will help manage, enhance, maintain and support your on-premise or core network infrastructure or enterprise telecommunications assets, including fixed and wireless networks.

Outsourced Network Engineering

The Benefits of Outsourced Network Engineering Services from Essential Solutions

Although maintaining an in-house team may seem the best option at first, there is much more than your IT infrastructure needs than your full-time team can handle. Some of the benefits that come with outsourcing your organization’s IT needs include:

  • Better security: Cyber security threat is now a huge issue that organizations have to mitigate. Today more organizations are adopting cloud-based and hybrid solutions to supplement or replace on-premises platforms. The surge in online operations has impacted remote work while increasing the risk of cyber-attacks substantially. A recent report from McAfee reveals global cloud-based cyber-attacks increased 630 percent between January and April 2020 alone. This trend will likely escalate in 2021 and beyond, with more organizations moving their infrastructures to the cloud. Having a dedicated team of IT experts knowledgeable in all aspects of cyber security can help safeguard your enterprise from attacks. At Essential Solutions, we will help execute vulnerability assessments, set access controls, install physical security to substantially minimize the threat of any sensitive information being leaked.
  • Better focus on your business: Outsourcing your IT services can help you optimize your resources and focus them towards achieving the set goals of your organization. Having managed IT services means you and your team won’t be distracted by complex IT issues, thus enabling them to focus on the core projects that provide a greater return.
  • Increased efficiency: Handling all your IT operations means you will spend more time and resources on research, development, and implementation. All these processes ultimately lead to increase costs and inefficiencies. Outsourced managed IT undoubtedly streamlines your processes while making your IT more adept and productive. With a managed IT service provider like Essential solutions, you can quickly diminish operational costs and focus on your core business objective, thus improving operational efficacies. Our highly experienced team can detect, anticipate, prevent and promptly respond to issues that could lead to damage and extended downtimes. We will also provide the latest technologies that improve your IT efficiencies so that you stay several steps ahead of your competition.
  • Implementing new technologies: The technological world keeps evolving with new and better solutions being released each day. Your in-house IT team’s skillsets may be limited to their experience and thus unable to implement the newer technologies. Notably, it takes several months to train your in-house IT team or recruit new talent that provides the much-needed assistance. However, a qualified managed IT service provider like Essential Solutions has the experience your organization needs to leverage the benefits of the latest technologies. We have the know-how, techniques, and resources to help integrate new technologies for enhanced efficiency, cost reductions, and boosted productivity. Our IT professionals use proven technologies and processes to maintain your entire IT infrastructure and keep it update with cutting-edge technologies.

Our Managed IT Services in Baton Rouge

  • Help Desk: We provide highly responsive 24/7 help desk support that makes your company a priority when help is needed. Our help desk services are designed to offer your business exceptional professional IT care, including a fully staffed help desk at an affordable rate. Some of the services that our help desk team offers include remote assistance, rapid response times to each call, 24/7 access, and more.
  • Network Management: We provide exceptionally managed IT and outsourced IT support for all organizations throughout Baton Rouge designed to help them achieve and maintain an ideal IT working environment. Our Solutions cover everything from network security and data backup to implementing operating systems and software solutions. We strive to build a beneficial partnership with your organization that guarantees 24/7 monitoring of your network for a fixed monthly fee.
  • IT and Network Security: A crucial benefit that Essential Solutions’ outsourced IT services offer is cyber security protection. When you contact us to manage your network, you will enjoy all-around 24/7 network security against cyber-attacks of all magnitudes and types. Out IT professionals specialize in IT and Network security in Baton Rouge and are always up to date on the current cyber threats and measures to mitigate them. Some of the specific security benefits you will enjoy once you hire us to include continuous monitoring and system reports, proactive breach prevention and maintenance notifications, and security alerts.
  • Core Infrastructure Support: Our overall goal is to keep your network running smoothly around the clock, not just fix problems when they occur. We aggressively identify issues and offer quick, reliable solutions to mitigate damage or fix them. This provides you with a piece of mind knowing all your threats and problems are being neutralized as soon as they happen. Our Core infrastructure support service in Baton Rouge will save you the time and money you would spend on establishing an in-house department.
  • IT Advisory (CIO and CTO level services): If you have financial constraints hiring an in-house CIO, we will assign you a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) to provide third-party consultation for your technology strategy. The vCIO can also help oversee your entire IT infrastructure to ensure your network is running smoothly.

Get Professionally Managed IT Services in Baton Rouge

The increasing dependence on complex IT systems makes managed IT services an integral part of any forward-looking organization and business in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. At Essential Solutions, we will help handle your IT infrastructure and network security so that you free up time and resources to focus on growing your business. Get the benefits of a full-time managed network service that comes with an entire team who can oversee all areas of your network and computer systems. Contact us today to learn more.

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