Why Stellar Graphic Design Turns into Profit

Your website design says as much about your company as the text itself – and customers pick up on the message right away. You have about 50 milliseconds to make an impression

Poor design isn’t just a sign that you took a DIY approach to your website. When customers spot it, they don’t trust your website. That means they don’t trust you. If there’s an unfriendly aspect of your site, a customer statistically won’t make it past your homepage much less return to your site later.

A thoughtless design feature makes your business forgettable. But stellar design keeps you at the forefront of customer minds. Even choosing the right color helps the potential customer remember you and an increased likelihood of return customers.

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Essential Solutions offers web page construction and graphic design to transform your web presence into a welcoming space.

Our web development services include:

5 Common Website Design Mistakes

Small business owners are creative, analytical, and motivated to do the best they can to grow their business. But they also tend to make the same website design mistakes over and over again.

The most common graphic design and web page development mistakes we see across the internet include:

Each of these design mistakes isn’t just a misstep; it also reflects your business. If your website is a plain, cookie-cutter design, your customers can’t distinguish you from the competition. A busy design suggests chaos both on the page and behind the scenes.

Web Design Supercharges Your SEO

Are you spending money on SEO efforts but not seeing improvement? Your current website design could be to blame.

Page speed, usability, and issues with Java or Flash can all impact your page’s ability to rank. When it’s difficult for Google to crawl your site, you will always suffer in the rankings no matter how good your content is.

Make the Most of Every Page

Do you know your site’s strengths and weaknesses? Are a few design issues holding back your ability to reach your target market?

Our design, construction, and integration services can help.

Make every page of your website work for your business. Contact Essential Solutions for a free graphic design and construction consultation to see how we can transform your web presence into a true reflection of your unique business.

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