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Free Dark Web Scan
Free Scan Dark Web Today!

Is it possible you've been hacked and didn't even know it? Get a FREE dark web scan today for your business and keep your clients safe from cyber threats!  ...

Hacker Embedding Ransomware On Computer
How Much Should You Expect To Pay When Ransomware Hits?

Hackers are getting more sophisticated. Today, the malicious code may be placed on a website. When a user with an unsecured or unpatched software program accesses the site, the malware slips inside that user’s computer....

ransomware recovery
Trucking Company in New Orleans Calls Essential Solutions After Ransomware Attack

Ransomware Recovery Services In New Orleans, Baton Rouge & Lafayette A trucking company in New Orleans was recently targeted with a ransomware attack. Essential Solutions solved the issue with effective ransomware recovery efforts and saved the company over $100,000.   Essential Solutions saves New Orleans trucking company...

How to Automate Microsoft Outlook Email Responses

Automate Email Replies in Four Ways to Share Information Better Learn how to use four powerful tools to automate Microsoft Outlook email responses, including Automatic Replies, Quick Parts, Signatures and Templates   Managing email responses, especially if you are a busy executive looking to keep in touch...