What Is The Dark Web?

Have you, a friend or your organization has fallen victim to hackers? If so, your information is probably now located on the Dark Web, but Essential Solutions can help.

What Information Gets Found On The Dark Web?

With reported breaches, the Dark Web is a place where cybercriminals find a reservoir of data. With Bitcoin, they can buy and sell social security numbers, credit card numbers, confidential records, files from corporations, and a long list of other sensitive information. Suppose you’ve fallen victim to identity theft or bank fraud. Then your information is potentially on the Dark Web.

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Should The Dark Web Concern You?

If you’re reading this article, I bet there’s something of yours on the dark web. It might be a company login, password to your email, maybe a credit card number. For that reason, business executives and IT stakeholders must quickly adapt and shield their organizations from potential threats.

4 Steps That Protect Your Data From The Dark Web

Stay alert! Remember, you and your organization remain targets. Have a preventative and real-time active process in place.

  1. Use a password manager. Password managers generate complex, unique, and encrypted passwords for every site you need to gain access to. Combing two-factor authentication, password managers can create significant hurdles for cybercriminals trying to break into your accounts.
  2. Be proactive. Allocate part of your budget to external-credential and identity-monitoring systems, which mitigate the risk of your data getting disseminated after a breach. Also, cybercriminals will sit on breached data for a year before exploiting it.
  3. Protect employees’ accounts. Individuals commonly use the same password across multiple accounts when an employee’s email account gets hacked. Extend security protection to employees’ accounts to lessen the risk of password reuse damage.
  4. Automate account takeover prevention. Remove employee choice out of the equation regarding password and account protection. Automate each stage in the process, such as scanning the web for credentials, comparing credentials against known compromised material, and monitoring account creation for fraud warning signs.

When you need assistance with your organization’s IT systems, Essential Solutions will protect your network from hackers.

Are You Concerned, Your Information, Is Lurking On The Dark Web?

We can help. Reach out to our Dark Web rescue team to schedule your dark web scan today. Discover what information about you or your organization is out there on the dark web—the Essential Solutions team of experts are here to assist with all your security needs. Click here or call (800) 560-2910 to get in touch with our consultants.

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