How to Select Antivirus for My Business Systems

Small and medium-sized businesses are especially vulnerable when it comes to virus infections, accounting for 61% of all breach victims. Installing and running a reliable antivirus suite is mandatory, but there are dozens of paid antivirus products and hundreds of free antivirus apps, which in turn makes it hard to select the one that best suits your needs.

When selecting the right security software, you first need to choose one that protects all of your servers and computers as well as any company mobile devices. A reliable antivirus app offers real-time protection and has heuristic capabilities to detect unknown threats. Some of the top antivirus suites also come with a built-in firewall and automatic backup feature.

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How Reliable Antivirus Protects My Business

Antivirus suites work by detecting existing and unknown cyber threats and preventing them from penetrating your business systems. A reliable antivirus product should protect you against the following threats:

  • Viruses that spread to all accessible devices once it hits the network
  • Adware and spyware that track user behavior
  • Phishing links that take users to malicious sites
  • Pharming links that redirect to malicious sites
  • Ransomware that encrypts business-critical data

Any business needs protection from the above threats, bearing in mind that in recent years, one in thirteen web requests lead to malware.

What Is the Best Antivirus for My Business?

You can choose between at least a dozen excellent antivirus suites for your business. Many companies even use multiple computer security apps to protect themselves. Essential Solutions, however, reminds you that using multiple apps often results in incompatibilities and may produce severe vulnerabilities.

If you follow the best cybersecurity practices, you need to stick to a single antivirus product and update it daily. We strongly recommend the enterprise-grade antivirus software by Sophos, which is aimed at small and medium businesses. It provides a layered defense that can stop most malware attacks.

Advantages of Sophos Antivirus Suite

  • Extensive protection combining traditional and next-generation defenses
  • Does not slow down your business systems
  • Features CryptoGuard Ransomware protection preventing ransomware attacks
  • Provides additional security when combined with hardware-based firewalls by Sophos
  • No annoying false positives while detecting 100% of Windows Zero-Day exploits
  • Probably the most affordable antivirus for small and medium businesses

What Else Do You Need to Know about Sophos Antivirus

By recommending Sophos antivirus as one of the best choices for your business, Essential Solutions also points to features such as real-time, automatic download of malware definitions whenever they are released in contrast to many other apps that download updates once a day. It is of particular importance in today’s digital environment where new cyber threats are emerging by the hour.


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