Here Are A Few Ways New Technologies Could Help Your Construction Firm

In the first part of this blog series, we examined how technology can help construction firms to be more productive and safe. By using smartphones, cloud-software, and Artificial Intelligence, construction firms can do a lot to improve their business processes.

In this follow up blog, we’ll examine further ways to improve your firm with strategic applications of new technologies…

Are You Missing Out On What New Technologies Can Do For Your Louisiana Construction Firm?

Technology That Works For You

Automation is a rapidly growing application of technology in the construction industry, and those similar to it, such as manufacturing and mining. Removing the worker from the equation can help to limit safety risks and maximize productivity around the clock:

  • Outsource Dangerous Work.
    Perhaps the most direct function of automation is to simply remove employees from the job site altogether. Automated and remote technology allows mining businesses to get their staff members far away from dangerous situations and instead, have them monitor automated machines that handle the tasks directly.
  • Reduce Labor Costs.
    Another by-product of removing laborers from the mines is that you don’t have to deal with human limitations.

    Automated trucks and other heavy machinery can work around the clock to move materials place to another and execute other tasks – something you couldn’t achieve with the same investment in a human counterpart.

Technology That Keeps You Safe

Another application of automation and AI is in cybersecurity. These advanced types of cybersecurity software (firewalls, antivirus, antimalware) use artificial intelligence to better predict, identify and eliminate harmful malware.

Security based on advanced algorithms that can adapt and learn creates a system that can become familiar with the normal patterns associated with each user and device, detecting anomalies in those patterns quickly.

Essentially, something known as a neural net can be used in cybersecurity efforts. Based on a robust algorithm, the neural net can “learn” to spot patterns of data associated with previously identified and classified spear-phishing emails.

By incorporating this technology into an email client’s spam filter, the filter will be able to spot fraudulent incoming emails and eliminate them before they reach the recipient.

One of the best parts about neural nets is that they continue to learn and improve the more that they are used. With increasingly more data to draw from, this AI will become more and more accurate in doing its job.

Technology That Helps You Collaborate

One of the most significant pain points in the construction industry is how segmented a firm can be. Communication between workers, engineers, equipment vendors and other parts of the extended network of teams can slow every process down if they’re not handled right.

  • Mobile Technology
    Mobile technology can do a lot to support these efforts, with smartphones providing a simple way to both keep in touch and share vital information. Gathering and sharing data is no longer dependent on who is where and what they have access to – everything can be uploaded via a smartphone to a shared platform and repository for data about a given work site.
  • BIM
    By centralizing 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) data in the cloud, your carefully managed workflows can continue no matter where your team is. Data can be updated in real-time, keeping every team member on the same page as to how much progress has been made, and where.

Why Should This Matter To You And Your Louisiana Construction Firm?

As explored in the first part of this series, it’s important to note that while you are not obligated to apply any of these technologies to the work you’d do, you’re leaving money on the table if you don’t.

If by using a new technology you’re able to improve a process, increase efficiency, or gain another advantage that lowers the amount of time or effort you invest in a process, that means you’ve saved money. If you’re unsure about how to invest in and deploy one of these technologies, then reach out to your New Orleans and Baton Rouge IT company. Give us a call at 1-800-560-2910!

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