What Should You Expect from a New Orleans IT Company?

Get to know what to expect of a good IT services company in New Orleans to select the one that will keep your business running optimally now and in the future.  

Are you looking for a partnering IT company in New Orleans that can handle your entire IT department or provider with your in-house IT technician to improve your IT services and cybersecurity? If so, do you know what a local IT service should offer and how much they should charge? Following is some information that can help you select a New Orleans IT MSP that will not only meet your needs but even exceed your expectations.

New Orleans IT Services Company

Know What the New Orleans IT Services Company Provides

Most IT managed services offer an impressive list of tools and services. The question is, do these services meet your exact needs? Here are some points you need to consider:

  • Make sure the company specializes in your industry. Industry specialization is a must if you need IT tools to help you remain industry compliant. It’s also a huge plus if you want IT solutions customized to meet your exact needs.
  • Ask any company you are considering to provide references to current and past clients. Ask these clients not just about IT services but also how the IT company treats its clients. A good IT company will work with you rather than for you. Put in simple terms, the IT company should be willing to work around your schedule, customize its services to meet your needs, and provide efficient help and jargon-free advice when called on.
  • Consider both your current and future needs when selecting an IT service. Switching IT company in New Orleans can be both expensive and time-consuming, so make sure the company you select can work with you long-term.

Put a Premium on Cybersecurity

Security breaches have risen by 11% in the last two years, and recent estimates indicate that well over 2,200 hacks occur every single day. A single data breach will result not just in lost income but also lasting damage to your reputation as well as legal problems for your business. Make sure your IT managed service takes cybersecurity seriously by offering cutting-edge tools and services to prevent all types of cyberattacks.

Understand the Costs

Many New Orleans IT support providers offer various service packages to make it easy for you to pay only for the services you need. However, you’ll need to know what your chosen package does and does not include to avoid extra, unexpected expenses or unpleasant surprises when problems arise.

Pay-as-you-go and break-fix support services allow you to pay an hourly fee to have an IT technician come and remedy problems as and when they arise. Some companies require you to pay in advance while still others allow you to pay after each service call. Alternatively, you can pay a set amount per month and then call the company’s IT technicians any time you need assistance.

The main problem with these options is that you’ll only get IT assistance when something goes wrong. It’s best to sign a managed services contract that provides you with proactive IT monitoring and assistance to keep your IT systems running at optimal speed and performance at all times. You’ll have to sign a yearly contract and pay more than you would pay for break/fix and pay-as-you-go service but the cost is well worth the extra IT support.

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