The Modern Workplace: Where Strategic Business Planning Meets Innovative Technology

Chances are you may have heard of ‘the modern workplace.’ As technology continues to optimize the business space, many organizations hope to make their offices “modern workplaces.” However, we get the same question from professionals all the time: what exactly is the modern workplace? We’re hoping to clear up the confusion and provide some clarity.

The truth is when people hear ‘modern workplace’ they usually think of a funky downtown office, with cool furniture, all-day music, gourmet coffees, and all the best free snacks you could imagine. However, in the IT world, the modern workplace is not about an address in a trendy city district. For IT professionals, the modern workplace is all about driving optimization and business growth with strategic technologies.

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The Modern Workplace Defined

Even in the professional IT industry, there are some misconceptions about what the modern workplace is made of. If you ask some professionals in our industry, they’ll tell you that the modern workplace is founded on innovative Cloud computing platforms like Microsoft Office 365 and Google G-Suite. These reliable and forward-thinking platforms are definitely great examples of modern workplace components. However, the modern workplace is more than just opting for Cloud technology.

For us, the modern workplace is about more than having the right software solutions in place. In our experience, the modern workplace is all about harnessing tech solutions like Office 365 and G-Suite in a way that helps cut ties to traditional IT systems altogether and take advantage of powerful cloud technologies to optimize operations. This means making use of strategic technologies in a way that increases flexibility and drives productive power.

You’re probably wondering – all this talk of innovation and streamlining, but what’s in it for my business? Here’s the thing: the modern workplace is only worth investing in if it’s changing the way you get work done. The whole idea of tearing yourself away from traditional IT systems and outdated tech solutions is that you’ll experience the tangible benefits of streamlining modern technologies. Wondering what those benefits should look like? We’ve got you covered.

Why Modernizing Your Workplace is Worth It

The fact of the matter is, modernizing your workplace can translate into many different benefits. Most of all, though, the modern workplace is about giving your team all the things they need to work smarter, not harder. With the right technologies in place, your team will be ready to work more efficiently and dynamically than ever before. This means business moves more smoothly, less time is spent on tedious technical difficulties, and your team can stay focused on business growth. Keep reading to learn about some of the key ways a modern workplace could be a game-changer for your organization.

Streamlined Access To Resources

Perhaps the best part about the modern workplace is that it offers streamlined access to business resources for you and your team. Harnessing Cloud solutions properly will allow you to centralize company data and ensure secure access for your team whenever they need it. This also means that work can get done around the clock – anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

You and your team members can access important files and business applications not only in the office but also from home, on the road, and even on vacation. Whether you’re at your desktop, on your laptop, or just checking in from a tablet or smartphone, the modern workplace is all about having an on-the-go, accessible, and secure virtual headquarters. This way, business is always within reach.

Improved Communication 

Another major benefit of the modern workplace is that channels of communication are improved and optimized. Since your teammates always have access to business resources, they’ll be better positioned to stay in close contact with each other and with clients. Cloud-based technologies allow you to stay in touch via a wide range of email, chat, and video and audio conferencing capabilities.

Need approval from a team member before moving forward on a project? Want to reach out to a client with an important question? Looking to verify order details with an important vendor? The modern workplace’s beauty is that your team, your customers, and your vendors can stay in touch seamlessly, and business opportunities are never missed.

Optimized Collaboration 

When it comes to teamwork and brainstorming, the modern workplace is designed for optimal collaboration. With the right strategic technologies in place, your team members will easily share ideas and spark inspiration – anytime, anywhere.

Are teammates constantly sending documents and spreadsheets back and forth to get jobs completed? Is working on proposals and projects a long and drawn-out process because team collaboration is an uphill battle? Modern workplace technologies put the power of collaborative work back in the hands of your hardworking team.

Ready to Modernize? Here’s How to Get Started

Is your team tired of feeling chained to traditional IT systems and clunky, unsynchronized business technology? You have the power to change things for the better. Luckily, modernizing your workplace doesn’t have to be a mind-numbing process. In fact, most professional leaders know that harnessing modern business technology is well within their grasp. The key is coming up with a plan for making it happen. We can help with that.

Here are our top 5 tips and tricks for modernizing your workplace: 

  • Map out the way your team works – Create a roadmap of your ideal operational flow. Consult your team on their most efficient ways of working together. Understanding how your team works will help you determine which modern technologies best optimize organizational workflow.
  • Do your research – Once you know the kind of applications and solutions you’d most benefit from, start looking at your options. Get to know what’s on the market, and be sure to read user reviews. Go with your gut as you narrow down different options, and don’t hesitate to ask other professionals in your industry what they’re using.
  • Get professional consultation – The best thing you can do as you work to modernize your workplace with strategic technology is to contact a team of professional IT service providers for guidance and support. Go with a reliable and trusted provider who’s willing to guide you through the entire process.
  • Make smart investments in the solutions you need – Once you’ve discussed your options and thoughts with a professional consultant, have them support you as you make investment decisions. Remember to only work with a team of IT experts who is honest with you and sells you no more than what you need to optimize operations strategically.
  • Commit to ongoing optimization – The truth is, the modern workplace is forever evolving. New and strategic business technologies are constantly coming to the market. The key is to keep a finger on the pulse of business IT trends. If you’re looking for support in staying up to date, it’s a great idea to establish a long-term partnership with a team of IT consultants.

Ready to modernize your workplace and stay one step ahead of the game?

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