Why Your Organization Needs Microsoft 365 Backup

Microsoft Office 365 SaaS solution makes a lot of sense in today’s mobile world, thanks to improved collaboration and ease of access to documents from any device wherever you are. However, many organizations assume that moving to Office 365 means that data backup is no longer necessary.

Although Microsoft Office 365 is an entirely secure cloud solution, it does not guarantee full and quick restoration of corrupted or deleted data. In other words, Microsoft ensures that you won’t lose your data on the cloud but doesn’t guarantee complete recovery.

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What About OneDrive?

Microsoft OneDrive typically stores a copy of user files in the Microsoft cloud, and that’s why many people assume that it’s an adequate backup. Unfortunately, relying on OneDrive as a means of backup may result in data loss. For instance, if a file is infected or accidentally deleted on your local device, the change is simultaneously synced in OneDrive. It means that the file is automatically infected or deleted on all synchronized devices, resulting in data loss.

The only sure way to safeguard against malicious or accidental data deletion, user errors, data corruption, or ransomware is through third-party Office 365 backup. These solutions typically store backups independently from Microsoft cloud servers and allow granular restoration of Office 365 applications, files, and folders. They enable you to restore data fast and meet data retention requirements for Microsoft Office 365.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 Backup

Here are ways your enterprise can benefit from third-party Office 365 backup:

1: Protection Against Accidental Deletion

Despite modern advancements in technology, any process involving humans can inevitably suffer from human error. Even minor errors could easily result in the accidental deletion of critical data. Whether the deletion occurs due to an end-user accidentally hitting the “delete” button or due to a clumsy PowerShell command, you need a system that can restore your data instead of making the deletion permanent.

Besides, the default recycle bin retention period of Microsoft 365 is set to 14 days. Even though you can change that duration to 30 days, it still leaves minimal time to discover that something essential was accidentally deleted. Without a reliable Microsoft 365 cloud backup solution in place, that vital data can be utterly unrecoverable after those 30 days have elapsed.

2: Eliminates Worries about Legal and Compliance Requirements

Certain cases might demand urgent retrieval of content, such as files or emails for legal action. Although you might hope it won’t ever happen to your business, if it does, you’ll be in serious trouble. That’s a risk you don’t want to take with your business.

Although Microsoft has incorporated some safety nets to help with such compliance requirements, they aren’t strong enough to enable your business to sail through any legal issues. For example, if you accidentally delete a user, you will purge out their storage accounts and mailbox with it. As a result, you may suffer costly legal consequences, including fines and legal disputes. That’s where third-party cloud backup comes in.

3: Filling In Retention Gaps

Retaining the email data of all past employees can be a costly affair once they leave your company. Maintaining access to such data can prove helpful in the future when you realize that a former employee has the vital information you’re looking for. Microsoft 365 only retains email information for user accounts for a limited period once the account is deactivated.

Using a third-party backup is the only way to save email data and make it available when needed. Besides, you won’t have to keep spending money on monthly subscription fees for employees who have left the company. Reliable backup ensures that Microsoft 365 account data is always searchable, available, and recoverable several years after the employee has left and their account deactivated.

4: Saving Money and Time

Although Microsoft backs up your data with a retention period of 14 days, you don’t own or have access to these copies. It’s your duty to create a backup and recovery solution by making copies of your data and storing them in different locations. Failure to back up your data exposes your organization to a risk of misplacing essential files and losing out a substantial amount of time and money retrieving or recreating it.

5: Protection from Internal Threats

Most business owners often assume that the best people to trust are in-house employees. Unfortunately, not everyone is usually worthy of such trust. Even if human error was a non-issue, there is always a chance of a dishonest or disgruntled employee intentionally jeopardizing your critical data.

If one of your employees secretly deleted sensitive data and waited silently until the Office 365 retention period elapsed, the data could be permanently lost, putting you in an awkward situation. Besides, Microsoft 365 has no means to tell if deletion is intentional, accidental, or malicious. The sure way to protect your data against malicious internal actions is through a third-party Office 365 backup solution.

6: Protection from External Threats

When it comes to external threats such as malware, viruses, and hacks, most businesses often put in place solid security measures. But with today’s reliance on the remote workforce, external attacks are only increasing. Statistics indicate that approximately two-thirds of SMBs across the globe have experienced some form of cyber-attack. It’s therefore vital to set up Microsoft 365 backup to secure your sensitive data from external threat actors. That way, you can be able to recover your deleted or corrupted data should hackers successfully infiltrate your data.

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