No matter the line of business you’re in, outsourcing your IT services to a managed service provider (MSP) provides a world of benefits. Both your internal systems and your online presence will be optimized and streamlined, tech problems will be taken care of right away, and you’ll have more time to focus on what matters.

Quarterly Business Reviews

Aside from providing excellent customer care and competency in their field, great MSPs employ the best IT experts, are there for you when you need them, stay up-to-date on new technology, and … they do one other important thing.

They conduct Quarterly Technology Reviews.

What are Quarterly Technology Reviews?

Quarterly Technology Reviews or QTRs are meetings your IT services company regularly conducts with you to assess the effectiveness of your current tech investments and themyour managed service provider.

A QTR occurs quarterly or four times per year, and it’s up to your MSP to book the appointment; you shouldn’t have to. When you see that your MSP is taking the initiative with QTRs, it’s a great sign that you’re working with a leading company. At a QTR meeting, you’ll be able to provide feedback to your MSP about the service they’ve been providing and the technology you’ve been investing in.

What are the specific benefits of a Quarterly Technology Review?

For you, the client, the benefits of QTRs are numerous. You’ll have an open platform to discuss any bugs or issues you’ve been having with your technology or possible problems with computer systems, email, the website, etc. Just remember that for immediate problems, you shouldn’t wait for the QTR and should merely contact your MSP right away — that’s what they’re there for.

In the end, if your MSP conducts QTRs with you, your business will see the following benefits:

  • Improved current technologies and/or the implementation of new systems where needed
  • Saved money when you limit spending where it’s not required
  • Enhanced compliance with regulations and security
  • Improved productivity
  • Streamlined efficiency

For your MSP, the most significant benefit of Quarterly Technology Reviews is showing you that they care and are monitoring your success. This goes a long way in maintaining their clientele.

QTRs also allow a tech firm or MSP to highlight your company’s return on investment or ROI (your investment being them, for the most part). As a client, they want you to be alerted to the fact that their company cares about you and that their services are worth it. Whether there are problems to fix at a QTR meeting or not, your MSP wants to reiterate that you need them.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for you, the client. After all, you hired them and are paying them for their services. Allow them to show off for you, and don’t be hesitant about voicing any issues you have so that they can be fixed quickly. A tech firm who conducts QTRs with you wants to keep you as a client.

When will your first QTR meeting be as a new client?

Naturally, as a new client, you won’t have a quarterly technology review right away.

Even after a few months post-contract signing, there just won’t be enough time to verify that your new systems, technologies, and other implementations are working correctly and providing you with the necessary benefits.

Therefore, your MSP will likely schedule your first QTR for at least 90 days after you go live.

But keep in mind that your MSP shouldn’t wait too long to conduct your first QTR. After all, the first review meeting is the most important because most problems will have become evident at this time.

While you can certainly contact your MSP right away whenever you need them throughout the first 90 days, as a client, it’s likely you’ll feel better bringing up issues in a formal meeting — especially when the problems are rather large or pervade several types of technology.

You want to know that your MSP is on the ball and ready to ameliorate any issues right away.

Where are most QTRs held?

In a perfect world, you’d meet one-on-one, face-to-face with your MSP for your quarterly technology review. However, this won’t necessarily be possible, and that’s probably okay.

After all, if your MSP has numerous clients and is conducting QTRs with everyone, they would always be at QTR meetings. And on your end, too, you’ve got work to do and may not have time to schedule formal sit-down meetings four times a year — just to check-in on technology that’s already been established and working.

Instead, it’s likely your first QTR will be face-to-face, if possible. If you’re a large client, your MSP should definitely make this effort. After that, however, most QTRs are held via video or phone conference.

In the end, Quarterly Technology Reviews remain one of the absolute best ways to stay in touch with your MSP about the efficacy and benefits of your current technological investments. As you search for a high-quality managed service provider in your area, be sure to ask about QTRs. Those companies who provide them are likely to take a better interest in their clients’ success — and that means good things for you.

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