4 Myths About the Dark Web: Is It Really What You Think?

The Dark Web is known to be dangerous and mysterious, but how much that’s assumed actually true? Here’s a look at some of the most common Dark Web Myths.  

As a business owner who is knowledgeable about the Dark Web, it is far less likely that you will be a victim of some nefarious activity that takes place in this technological world. The problem is, there are so many myths and misconceptions about the Dark Web that it’s easy to think you’re educated when all you believe is a bunch of falsehoods. TechRepublic recently covered some of the biggest myths about the Dark Web.

Myth: There is no security to help businesses with the Dark Web.

Companies do exist that help business owners track activity that takes place on the Dark Web. You definitely are not alone in the deep-dark internet by yourself if you are having issues with stolen data or something that is taking place behind the veil of the Dark Web. Surfwatch Labs, Matchlight, Massive, and ID Agent are a few good examples of companies that offer security programs and services that are specifically designed for and catered to the Dark Web. Essential Solutions, which is an IT services and IT support company, also provides a free Dark Web scan for business owners who fear data has been taken to be sold.

Myth: Everything that happens on the Dark Web is private.

This is probably one of the biggest myths associated with the Dark Web, and it is not true at all. Yes, when a user accesses the Dark Web, their IP address gets filtered through a series of relay points and network systems, which, in theory, helps conceal the identity of the user. However, the right entity or individual can still track actions on the Dark Web if they know what they are doing and have the proper tools. The proof of this fact comes along with the numerous examples of criminals who have gotten busted over the last few years.

Myth: It’s nearly impossible to actually access the Dark Web.

With all the talk of seedy activity that takes place on the Dark Web, it’s easy to assume that it’s some complicated place that only some dude in the shadows with an IT degree can get in to. But, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Accessing the Dark Web is as simple as downloading the Tails operating system and installing the Tor browser on a computer. Get yourself a private, open-source VPN, and you’re pretty much all set. It really isn’t all that difficult to get into the Dark Web, even for an average user without a lot of (internet) experience.

Myth: Everything on the Dark Web is bad.

Illegal firearms, child pornography, drugs, murder-for-hire, you-name-it—you can probably find it on the Dark Web. As true as that statement maybe, not everything that happens on the Dark Web is something illegal, or even bad for that matter. More and more legitimate and perfectly harmless sites have evolved on the Dark Web, and many of them are actually quite popular. For example, Facebook’s Dark Web site is really popular because it gives people the ability to access Facebook that wouldn’t otherwise be able to do so, or gives people the ability to use Facebook without all those usual tracking concerns that can come along with using social media on the regular internet site.

The Dark Web can be a scary place for sure, but understanding goes a long way as a business owner. Working with an IT service company like Essential Solutions can help you learn more about the shadier side of the internet.

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