What Is the Average Cost of IT Services In Baton Rouge?

Are you looking to outsource IT support for your company? Wondering what the cost of business IT services and technical support in Baton Rouge is? It is important to understand what support packages are offered, whether one is better than the other, and the price.

Because business owners often overlook these aspects to find IT services, they do not get value for their money. Below is a comprehensive look at the cost of different types of IT support offered in Baton Rouge. Note that these are estimates; the actual cost varies based on your company’s specific IT needs.

Hiring In-House IT Support

Most companies today have some IT requirements that are crucial to the business’s day-to-day running. From the overall IT needs to departmental requirements like software and bespoke programs, businesses realize the need for dedicated IT support. With that in mind, hiring in-house support seems beneficial.

According to PayScale.com, the average salary for a computer/network support technician in Baton Rouge is $50,000 a year. The amount includes salary, bonuses, and profit-sharing for corporate employees. However, it does not have health insurance and other benefits.

Factoring in taxes, training, and bespoke software for an in-house team increases the cost. The total expense of an in-house technician may be higher than the estimate. So, is having an in-house tech support team worth the price? Here are the pros and cons you should consider.


Building an internal IT team has several benefits:

Bespoke IT Support

If you hire the right people who have relevant experience and qualifications, you can build a good team. The members will have in-depth knowledge of your company’s systems. They may become specialists, catering to your company’s unique needs.

Immediate Availability

If the IT team is based on-site, they are readily available to deal with emergencies. Most issues will be solved fairly quickly. This quality is priceless for a company that anticipates crises like security breaches.


Building an in-house IT team takes hard work and patience. Here are some downsides to it.

Time Consuming

A good in-house team is not built overnight. It takes a significant amount of time to hire, train, and retain the right people. Most small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford to spend so much time on IT support.


Training and retaining the best technicians are expensive. There are hidden costs that come with it, for example, you have to consider vacations and sick days. Getting replacement staff can be costly too.

Knowledge Gaps

Relying on a few people to manage your entire IT department limits your knowledge. Even the most experienced technicians do not know everything. Regular training is an expense you will incur to keep your team updated on the latest tech developments.

Managed Services Support at a Flat Fee

Managed Services Providers take on a business’ IT operations and charge a flat rate each month. The service provider is in charge of monitoring, managing, resolving arising issues in the entire IT system. As small and medium-sized businesses become increasingly reliant on IT, they require constant support and monitoring.

Managed services are priced on a flat-rate monthly basis. The actual cost depends on several factors, including:

  • The services included in the package;
  • The number of devices covered;
  • Service extras to meet a business’ unique needs.

The average cost of managed services ranges from $500-$2500 a month for a small to medium-sized business. In comparison to hiring an in-house team, managed services are cheaper. What are the benefits of outsourcing at a flat rate?


Paying an IT company to oversee your devices constantly has benefits.

Piecemeal Services

You get to create a custom package that has the services you deem important. You can start by handing over a few elements of your IT structure and give more control over time.

Constant Monitoring

Managed services provide 24/7 monitoring and control of your IT. Any breaches are noticed and resolved immediately. Furthermore, you get specialists to attend to your systems at all times.


Paying a flat monthly rate may not be the most efficient use of a company’s budget.

Fees Are Paid Even When Support Is Not Used

If you have a healthy computer network that does not need maintenance, you will still pay the monthly fee. Essentially, you will have IT support on a monthly retainer despite not needing the service. It is a cost that could have been avoided.

Outsourcing IT Support Services at an Hourly Rate

Outsourcing IT support for an hourly rate might seem extravagant, especially for a small business. Depending on the number of servers and desktops being used, the hourly rate might be costly. However, with the right information, it is possible to make this option cost-efficient.

Outsourcing IT support at an hourly rate may cost $1000 – $2500 per month. Although it is cheaper than hiring an in-house support team, it may not always give value for money. Working with a reputable IT support service is one way to ensure that you get maximum value. A reputable company will evaluate your needs and allow you to pick which areas to outsource.


Choosing which services to outsource and when to have technicians on-site can be beneficial.

Tailored Service

The service will only perform tasks that you request of them. This limits the likelihood of padded bills and inflated figures. If you get a reputable firm, you will cut down on unnecessary IT expenses.

Services Only Paid for When Needed

Instead of paying a retainer for managed services, you get to spend only when you need the assistance. Budgeting for the hourly rate in advance helps to keep expenses at a minimum.


Outsourcing at an hourly rate is not without its downsides.

Can Get Expensive

Some companies have high hourly rates for IT support. Emergencies will make support more expensive than it would have been if you paid a retainer.

Final Thoughts

The average cost of IT supports in Baton Rouge varies. Hiring in-house support can be expensive in the long run, but it is not without its benefit. Outsourcing at a flat monthly fee or varying hourly rates is a more affordable option to consider. If you would like to know more about getting IT support for your business in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, please contact us.

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