Is Your Organization Prepared For A Potential Disruption Due To Coronavirus?

Current worldwide fears about coronavirus (COVID-19) have sent stock markets into decline and prompted panic across businesses and individuals.

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Employees panic when a coworker has a persistent cough. Parents work from home when schools or daycares are forced to close. Work tips are canceled for many organizations on high-alert.

How prepared are your employees to work from home to ensure continued service to your customers in the event of an office closure due to the coronavirus outbreak?

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is all over the news. You can’t turn on any news channel right now and not hear about this highly infectious virus that is rapidly spreading around the globe.

As your trusted IT partner, first, we want to assure you that Essential Solutions is ready in the event of a serious Coronavirus outbreak.  Not only is our own business contingency plan strategy in place, but it’s also our goal to help raise awareness about the potential impact of coronavirus on many organizations. Essential Solutions has had numerous discussions with our clients over the past week – focusing on the potential impact on their operations.

While experts caution against panic, they also advise organizations to review any plans and strategies in place to allow for social distancing.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you comfortable with your plan in the event of an extended shutdown of your operations? How will your employees continue to work from home?
  • What’s your plan in the event that key members of your team or key business units are forced into a quarantine situation? Can they continue to function in their day-to-day roles?
  • Have you tested your plan to provide continuity of telephony services such as hunt groups and routing if key members of your team must work from home?
  • Have you finalized and communicated your plan to respond to the closure of remote offices in highly impacted parts of the country?

In 2002, Essential Solutions opened for business in Louisiana. Over the years, our team has worked with clients through numerous hurricanes and other disasters. Our commitment to providing business continuity, networking, and security solutions has continued for nearly three decades.

Our team knows what it takes to keep employees connected and businesses productive.

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