Co-Managed IT Services & Internal IT Departments

In today’s fast-paced digital environment, almost every business relies on technology to execute some of its operations in one way or another. Businesses utilize various technologies to carry out business functions, scale, and meet the needs and expectations of their customers. IT is one of the most crucial aspects of any modern business model. Even brick-and-mortar businesses have started embracing innovative tech ideas to boost their bottom line and stay competitive.

The irresistible dependency on IT has compelled businesses in Baton Rouge and New Orleans to be strategic in implementing their IT infrastructures. While some companies have created full-fledged in-house IT departments, others have chosen to outsource, and some have opted for co-managed IT services, which is a mix of the two options. Selecting the best IT services structure for your business mainly depends on your specific needs rather than a mere IT choice. Before you opt for the co-managed IT services structure, it’s critical that you fully understand the benefits of this arrangement and its overall effect on your enterprise.

Co-managed IT services in Baton Rouge

How Co-Managed IT Services Benefit Internal IT Departments

For businesses seeking to strike a balance between a full-fledge IT department and outsourced managed IT services, co-managed IT services are often the ideal solution. Here are some key benefits of this arrangement:

Boosts productivity and Efficiency 

Networking in today’s digital age where every business relies on technology can be complex and confusing. Your internal IT department might find it hard to understand and manage sophisticated networking solutions because it’s also tasked with managing end-user devices, IT support, and evaluating new tech trends.

Typically, the process of staffing and securing a modern IT network is costly and time-consuming. On the other hand, co-managed IT services provide you with an experienced team of IT specialists at a fraction of the cost. Remember, a team utilizes industry-recognized toolsets and established tech providers such as Cisco and Extreme to centralize and manage your network resources.

Reinforce Cybersecurity and Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Cybersecurity is increasingly becoming a huge concern for small businesses as the shift to cloud computing keeps surging. Cybercriminals and “bad actors” with malicious intent keep coming up with more sophisticated ways of hacking the servers of various businesses by targeting their vulnerable entry points. Your internal IT department might not be well-armed to tackle thousands of bad actors from anywhere across the globe who potentially target your company.

Furthermore, regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PII have become stricter regarding data protection and other regulations. Thankfully, with the help of an established co-managed IT service provider, you’ll get the armor, frameworks, resources, and processes to protect your networks against cyber-attacks.

Lower Cost, Better Infrastructure

Most businesses go for the cloud options because it helps them save some quick bucks on IT equipment. They only need to pay a subscription fee and gain access to routers, cables, and servers that they would have otherwise spent a lot of money on. The downside of this business route in IT is that you don’t have control over your data and other functions as before. But, if you want to use someone else’s infrastructure and still have control over your records and IT operations, consider working with a co-managed IT service provider in Baton Rouge.

More Room for Negotiations

Purchasing a cloud account to help you with some of your IT needs means getting exactly what you pay for: a ready-made product. Although you may be allowed to customize and tweak your account a little, the options are limited. But, if you go the co-managed IT services route, you enjoy more flexibility.

In other words, there is more room for negotiating deals until you get the best value for your money. In fact, it’s important to remember that credible co-managed IT service providers offer plans that are tailor-made to suit their clients’ specific IT needs. Just like many people prefer flea markets due to the available possibilities for haggling, smart business owners love co-managed IT services due to the freedom to negotiate the best deals.

Ongoing Comprehensive Support

Having one or two IT professionals in your business may not be sufficient to respond to consistent IT inquiries and navigate the unknown. Co-managed IT services offer you an opportunity to access readily available comprehensive IT support services.

Moreover, the level of IT support to expect from an established co-managed IT service is professionally evaluated by the company’s HR department; they only hire the best. With IT constantly changing, it’s difficult for an individual who is not dedicated to the industry to keep pace with the emerging trends. Support involves a range of segments including, but not limited to emergency services, tech deployments, and handling software upgrades.

Project-based Outsourcing

Taking on a new IT project requires a lot of planning, which might be an overload on your already overwhelmed in-house IT team. For instance, imagine you want to do a significant Wi-Fi upgrade, implement a new ERP system, and reinforce your cybersecurity system. Trying to re-allocate your internal IT resources to heavy-duty projects may disrupt the regular day-to-day running of your business. Is risking your relationship with customers and stakeholders worth this one-time project?

Furthermore, it might be possible that you may not have the right resources, knowledge, and sufficient budget to quickly procure the required products and services. Over-stretching your in-house IT team or even hiring a few IT experts for the project may not be a good business move. Consulting with a co-managed IT service provider will help you accomplish strategic initiatives successfully without disrupting your company’s daily operations.


Today’s digital business environment requires your business to invest in the right technologies to be relevant and competent on the market. Many businesses run the risk of spending more to attract top IT talent because almost every company now requires an in-house tech expert to operate smoothly.
However, apart from building your own IT department, you can also opt to outsource the services entirely or mix the two options for faster collaboration.

While co-managed IT services may not be the cheapest option on the table, it’s one of the most seamless ways of investing in a workable IT services structure throughout Baton Rouge. If you’re experiencing some staffing shortages in your IT department or simply looking for an experienced team of IT experts to complement your internal IT department, contact Essential Solutions to help you out affordably.

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