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Trucking Company in New Orleans Calls Essential Solutions After Ransomware Attack

Trucking Company in New Orleans Calls Essential Solutions After Ransomware Attack

Ransomware Recovery Services In New Orleans, Baton Rouge & Lafayette

A trucking company in New Orleans was recently targeted with a ransomware attack. Essential Solutions solved the issue with effective ransomware recovery efforts and saved the company over $100,000.  

Essential Solutions saves New Orleans trucking company more than $100,000 after a ransomware attack.

When a prominent trucking company in New Orleans was confronted with a ransomware attack, Essential Solutions was able to step in. Employees of the company came into work on what would otherwise have been an average Monday morning, only to find that all of their company records and important files had been encrypted. In order to recover these files and regain access, the cyber attackers were demanding a ransom of $100,000.

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Knowing that even if they paid the ransom in full, the company may not be able to regain access to their company records and files, they decided to take another tack and call Essential Solutions. Fortunately, the skill and expertise provided by Essential Solutions enabled the trucking company to recover 100% of their backed-up files independently of the ransom attackers.

The ransom, therefore, never had to be paid. Additionally, Essential Solutions initiated proper training for the company’s employees and improved cybersecurity defenses in order to prevent a subsequent attack.

Ransomware Attacks Happen

Ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly common, and anyone can be targeted — from trucking companies and small businesses to entire city governments and normal individuals with basic home computers.

The goal of a ransomware attack is to first force the download of malware onto an entity or individual’s computer or network. Once installed, the malware will block the target’s access to important data or entire systems.

Naturally, this causes immense problems for the target. In a business, for example, not the employees nor top-level executives would be able to access what they’d need to in order to continue business as usual. This can literally halt the flow of revenue at many companies and will cause numerous other problems, not the least of which would be a loss of reputation.

In order to regain access to networks and/or data, the instigator of the attack will demand a large sum of money as ransom. Often, the ransom threat will be heavy with additional warnings, such as, “If you don’t pay the demanded sum by X date, we’ll permanently delete your files so that you’ll never get access to them.” Alternatively, they may give a deadline, and if you miss the deadline, the attacker will tell you that the price has gone up.

As you can see, the true crux of the problem of ransomware attacks lies in the initial forced download of the malware that blocks data access.

How does this occur?

Generally speaking, the primary cause is a phishing scam.

What Is a Phishing Scam?

Phishing scams begin with emails sent to an employee or several employees at the target entity. Phishing emails look legitimate. For instance, they may look like a legitimate email from a coworker asking for a user code. Or, they might appear to be from your credit card company and ask for verification of your login and password.

The goal of a phishing email is to drop a “payload” onto the target’s computer. The payload will be a type of malware, or malicious software. Again, in the case of a ransomware attack, this malware will end up blocking data or network access to the target company.

Because phishing scams are the main way that ransomware attacks occur, it is imperative that companies, organizations, and other entities adequately train their employees to know how to spot phishing emails.

Furthermore, companies and organizations of all sorts need adequate cyber securities in place, and all of their data must be continually backed up.

Ransomware Recovery: Essential Solutions Helps

Essential Solutions is one of the top outsourced IT companies working with local organizations and businesses all over Louisiana — from Lafayette and Baton Rouge to New Orleans and beyond.

With Essential Solutions’ experience and skill, your business IT systems will be in wonderful hands. Full system backups, complete security enhancement and monitoring, and proper employee training will keep your business from losing tens of thousands of dollars or more as a result of cyberattacks. In addition, Essential Solutions can provide accounting software solutions, cloud services, custom application development, and much more.

If you are concerned about a ransomware or other cyber breach at your company, contact the ransomware recovery experts at Essential Solutions today to schedule an appointment with CEO, Landon Futch. See what Essential Solutions’ IT expertise can do for you.