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Lafayette Law Firm Calls Essential Solutions After Numerous Network Crashes

Lafayette Law Firm Calls Essential Solutions After Numerous Network Crashes

How Essential Solutions Fixed a Lafayette Law Firm’s Wireless Network

A wireless network that crashes and is slow all the time is a liability. Learn how Essential Solutions can diagnose and fix your organization’s network woes.  

LaFayette Law Firm

Wireless networks can experience interference, resulting in slow transmission rates and frequent connection problems. Other symptoms like network crashes, buffering and the inability to access network files are often present. A LaFayette law firm experienced these types of issues due to interference on the firm’s wireless network. Not only was the network constantly crashing, dropping connections, and extremely slow, but the lawyers could not access important files. The law firm knew something needed to be done quickly. The firm called Essential Solutions to tackle the challenge.

Diagnosing the Wireless Networking Problem

Isolating the issue with a slow and problematic wireless network takes thorough troubleshooting skills. There can be multiple sources of interference in an environment. From other devices that reduce the strength of the network’s signal to overcrowded wireless channels, determining the culprit is a process of elimination. Other wireless and Bluetooth devices that use the 2.4GHz band can be the sources of interference. If the office or home is located in a building with shared walls, other wireless networks and those devices could be reducing the available bandwidth on a particular channel or the 2.4GHz band. The 2.4GHz band tends to get overcrowded since the majority of devices connect using this band.

Finding the Right Wireless Network Solution

Once the problem is isolated, implementing the optimal solution means finding out what is most important to the organization. Is it budget, a significantly reduced chance of latency, or simply an improvement in the network’s functionality? Replacing older routers with those that have dual-band capabilities can result in drastic improvements. Routers with dual-band routers broadcast signals within the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. The 5GHz band is less crowded and newer devices with 5GHz capabilities will automatically connect using this band. Another advantage of the 5GHz band is that it is faster than 2.4GHz.

In the case of the Lafayette law firm, we were able to recommend Cisco network solutions after we had completed a thorough network audit. Cisco network solutions works well for enterprises that need help with determining network design, ideal access point placement and coverage, and seamless authentication. Cisco’s solutions can also help in identifying the optimal wireless channels access points, and routers should use. As a result of implementing Cisco network solutions, the law firm’s network problems were solved.

Call In Your Lafayette Law Firm Networking Specialists

Our team at Essential Solutions was able to solve a frustrating problem that was drastically impacting the law firm’s performance. Without a functioning wireless network, it was extremely difficult for the firm’s staff to get any work done. By collecting information about the symptoms and isolating the source of the problem, we were able to find an optimal solution that fit the firm’s most important needs. Now, the law firm is happy to report a fully functioning wireless network.