Essential Solutions : Free Scan Dark Web Today! Baton Rouge, LA
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Free Scan Dark Web Today!

Free Scan Dark Web Today!

Cybersecurity Dark Web Scan

Is it possible you’ve been hacked and didn’t even know it? Get a FREE dark web scan today for your business and keep your clients safe from cyber threats!  

Free Dark Web Scan

Free Dark Web Scan For Baton Rouge Businesses

Did you know there is a whole layer to the internet you can’t access through normal navigation?

The dark web is the layer of the internet that takes a special software or configuration to even access it. Often, this is where criminals do things they don’t want to be traced back to them. Illegal sites selling stolen information is one use for the dark web. These websites are hidden from everyday users, yet it makes up the majority of the information online.

Are You Safe from the Dark Web?

The dark web isn’t actually all bad. All hidden information, like personal medical files or banking information and passwords, are part of that protected layer of the internet. You want certain aspects impossible to get to without the right access or you couldn’t have security. The problem is when your data is stolen and listed on that dark part of the internet. It is much harder to find out who is buying and selling illegal information because the Deep Web is designed to keep things anonymous and hidden.

If you’ve been compromised, sensitive information could be already listed—which is a huge threat to your business. A business could get hacked without even realizing it, so dark web scans are a cautionary measure used to catch lost information.

When a cybercriminal hacks into a company’s system and steals information, they look for buyers. For as little as $3 a record, swarms of buyers are purchasing this information to use for their own purposes. Fake tax returns, identity theft and other uses make these records valuable to them.

Once the content is on the dark web (or published online anywhere), you can’t delete it or hide it. The point of the dark web scan, then, is to catch the data loss disaster as soon as possible. The earlier you catch the problem, the less damage will be done. You can help compromised clients protect their information and identity before it is a bigger mess. You want to know if anything from your business ever gets listed.

What is a Dark Web Scan?

professional tech security company will search for the IP addresses and email domain names used in certain types of private chat rooms and websites on the dark web. The goal is to find any sensitive information linking back to your business (where it would have been snatched from). Scans should be done regularly as a second line of defense that might catch anything slipping between your security gaps.

How Does Secure Company Information get Leaked?

The sensitive information hackers and phishers are looking for are usually protected by the system. In order to get your data to sell it, a cybercriminal might try a number of methods.

  • Phishing: Emails are sent out that contain links or requests in order to harvest information. The link may lead to a site that grabs information or downloads malware to mine for information. Or the email might look professional and make an urgent request for updated information. Many phishing emails sound professional and come from a source an employee might trust without questioning the request.
  • Spear Phishing: A focused form of phishing where the cybercriminal has really done homework on the business. These targeted data grabs are hard to spot. Data may be gleaned from social media or other public pages to con the users.
  • Executive Whaling: Top administrators and executives are targeted as hackers and phishers attempt to siphon money or steal data.
  • Social Engineering: Lists of friends, connections, contact information, ongoing business operations and other bits of information can be grabbed from LinkedIn or Facebook.

You can get a FREE dark web scan today as a part of our efforts to bring awareness to cybercrime and IT security solutions during Cybersecurity Month. Email Landon Futch at to schedule your scan.