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Accounting Firm Frustrated With Current IT Company Calls Essential Solutions

Accounting Firm Frustrated With Current IT Company Calls Essential Solutions

Frustrated With Your Current IT Provider? Call Essential Solutions

Is your organization fed up with your current IT provider? Learn about how the Essential Solutions’ Approach to IT Managed Services and Can Make Big Improvements¬†

Top Rated IT Company

Managing IT staff and infrastructure in-house does not make sense for every company, especially those that are short on resources. Companies that need to find ways to streamline costs may also find it difficult to manage IT resources in-house. Organizations that specialize in managed IT services help manage IT infrastructures, support needs, and software applications for companies that need to prioritize cost-effectiveness. However, having another company serve as your organization’s IT department carries certain risks. Not all managed IT services companies are quick to respond or provide the level of support your company needs.

A local accounting firm recently experienced this type of scenario. The local IT company the firm had hired was not responding to IT support requests and needs fast enough. In fact, the IT company was taking several days to respond to requests that should have been high priorities. Staff members were becoming frustrated because items that needed to be fixed were not being addressed. Slow response times often meant staff could not perform their jobs. Essential Solutions, a managed IT services firm, was called in to help correct the problem.

Characteristics of a Good IT Managed Services Provider

The team at Essential Solutions was able to assess the accounting firm’s current IT situation and needs. After assessing the situation, we were able to drastically reduce response times from 3 to 5 days to 5 to 10 minutes. While service level agreement (SLA) times can vary between providers, you want a vendor that is in your staff’s corner and prioritizes your IT requests. You also want a provider that takes the time to talk with decision-makers and management and learns about your organization’s needs, priorities, and goals.

Other characteristics to look for are IT industry certified staff and whether the vendor possesses a solid understanding of your organization’s industry. Hiring a managed services provider that implements quality control standards, is able to back up and secure your firm’s data and is able to offer the latest technology solutions is also important. Selecting the right vendor is similar to looking for the right employee to perform a specific job. You will want to ask questions to gauge the vendor’s sense of the industry, what solutions the vendor can provide, and whether the vendor is a top IT managed services provider. Choosing a vendor based solely on the price or a simple internet search is not always the best route.

Call In Your Local IT Service Experts

Essential Solutions’ experience in managing the accounting firm’s IT needs after a poor fit is not uncommon. Sometimes it takes a fresh perspective or another vendor’s resources and expertise to get the job done. If your current IT managed services provider is not meeting your organization’s needs well, it may be time to consider a change. At Essential Solutions, we strive to keep staff members productive and happy, while ensuring management that we can confidently and competently serve as your organization’s IT department.